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Dogging it at the Tour Championship

ORLANDO, Fla. – Crowd control took on a new dimension Sunday at the LPGA Tour Championship.

It’s a man-bites-dog kind of story, or, more accurately, man-shushes-dog story.

At the sixth tee at Grand Cypress, Cristie Kerr’s caddie, Jason Gilroyed, stepped toward the ropes and said something this reporter’s never heard at a golf tournament before.

“Can we move the dog back, ma’am?” Gilroyed said.

A spectator with a service dog was up against the ropes with Kerr over her tee shot. Later, down along the fairway at the sixth, a security guard approached the woman with the small dog and asked her to keep the dog away from the ropes.

“The players are saying they can hear the bells on the dog,” the guard told the dog’s owner.