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Duo defies 17-million-1 odds with back-to-back aces

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Two Australian golfers took 'defying the odds' to the next level during a recent round when they pulled off one of the rarest feats in golf.

While playing a round at The Lakes in Sydney, which will host the Australian Open next month, club member Peter Hough aced the par-3 ninth hole with a 7-iron from 136 yards.

Not to be outdone, playing partner Jonathan Cook took the same tee, also with 7-iron in hand, and promptly repeated the feat.

'The whole place went nuts,' explained Cook, a member at nearby Beverly Park.

According to the National Hole-in-One Registry, the odds of two players from the same foursome recording an ace on the same hole are estimated at 17 million to one. No details emerged on how Hough and Cook decided to split the post-round bar tab.