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European Tour defends drug-testing policy

Justin Rose
Getty Images

The European Tour says it does not “have a problem at all” with performance-enhancing drugs on its circuit, even in the wake of Justin Rose’s startling claim that he has never been drug tested during European Tour events.

First, some context: Rose, like many other top Europeans, plays heavily on both sides of the Atlantic. The European Tour also uses results taken during events on the PGA Tour and usually does not re-test those well-traveled players. 

To that point, David Garland, the director of operations for the European Tour, told Sky Sports on Wednesday: “If Justin Rose has been tested three or four times in America, maybe I might take him out of the random process because we know he’s already been tested. I’m privy to the results, and I don’t think we have a problem at all.

“But we are not complacent and we will be continuing our testing, although it’s not every single week.”

Last week Rose said he was drug tested twice while in the States this season. Tiger Woods, meanwhile, told reporters that he was tested “like five times this year. That’s usually about the number for most guys.”