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What a weenie: Fan throws hot dog at Tiger

Tiger Woods
Getty Images

SAN MARTIN, Calif. – Some fans consider Tiger Woods a hot dog. On Sunday at the Open, someone decided to throw one at him.

At the green of the seventh hole, Woods' 16th of the day, a spectator ducked under the ropes and approached the green, calling, 'Tiger! Tiger!'

Woods' caddie Joe LaCava said  the man threw the hot dog at Woods from about 20 yards away.

The hot dog landed on the green, then the fan immediately raised his arms and dropped to the ground to surrender to security officials.

According to Sgt. Jose Cardoza, who handled the arrest, the man is a 31-year-old from Santa Rosa, Calif. His name will not be released.  He was not intoxicated, Cardoza said, though he admitted to 'having a drink earlier in the day.'

The man denied aiming the hot dog directly at Woods, Cardoza said.

'He was just an idiot,' director of tournament security Dan Diggins said. 'It could have been worse. It could have been a chili dog.'

Though the incident provoked many jokes, Arjun Atwal, who played with Woods and Rod Pampling, said all three players were concerned that someone's idea of a joke could have turned into a tragedy.

'That guy could have been shot,' Atwal said. 'The way that guy ran out there with the hot dog, he knew the cops were going to take him down.'

'He wanted to be in the news,' Woods said, 'and I'm sure he will be.'