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Faxons take on Tiger

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Brad Faxon, 8-time PGA Tour winner, was asked by a reporter in his home state of Rhode Island “if you had to pick Tiger for the Ryder Cup without the benefit of talking to Tiger would you pick him?”

“No,” said Faxon, pointing out that not being able to talk to Tiger about his state of mind is a pretty big hypothetical. “My reason is there are too many unknowns. You don’t know how he’s going to be playing. You don’t know what the fan reaction in Wales will be. You don’t know how the other teammates will feel about the inevitable questions that will come their way with Tiger on board. And, you won the last Ryder Cup without him.”

Faxon added, importantly, “if Tiger said his heart is in it, that he’s playing better and I knew the other guys wanted him – and by the way I think they do – then I’d take him.”

“This is no slight on Tiger,” Faxon said. “It’s a team event. It’s like Bill Belichick of the Patriots. He’s let go of some big names through the years, guys like Richard Seymour and his teams have remained competitive.”

As for other captain’s picks, Faxon added, “I think Zach Johnson’s a lock. And I think you could safely pick Stewart Cink and Lucas Glover with their majors from 2009. Anthony Kim’s an unknown because of his thumb. But that’s why these next three weeks are vital.”