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The FedEx Cup is better than an irritating skin rash

I like the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

Can’t wait for them to begin next week. Can’t wait to see if Mike Weir and Henrik Stenson crack the top 125 in the FedEx Cup standings at the Wyndham Championship this week and qualify.

Now I’m ducking for cover.

For some of you, I know this is akin to saying I like an irritating skin rash.

I can see the complaints coming:

1) It’s a contrived money grab. 2) The points race is too confusing to follow and too non-traditional to make sense in golf. 3) It's too hurtful to some regular, long-time PGA Tour events, making them less important. 4) In no way can this post-season configuration be compared to playoffs.

While I agree with all of those complaints, I still like the FedEx Cup Playoffs. I do wish the finale was more like the LPGA’s former ADT Championship, ruthlessly trimmed to eight players in a winner-take-all format on the final day. I also wish the point system was more meaningful. But I think the game’s better off with the FedEx Cup than without it, as flawed as the concept is.

Here’s the bottom line: 1) I like the fact that we get to see the best players teeing it up against each other in more big events. 2) I like that the season has a more definitive ending with a big-bang finish.

The bottom line trumps my complaints.