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Foley vs Stack-and-Tilt A Turf War

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LEMONT, Ill. – Charlie Wi did more than grab a share of the lead Friday at the BMW Championship.

He outlined a brewing Turf War: The Stack-and-Tilt founders vs. Sean Foley.

In defending the honor of Stack-and-Tilt founders Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, Wi challenged the basis of what Tiger Woods is learning from Foley and where it’s coming from. Except Wi wouldn’t use Foley’s name.

“I’m not going to say the person’s name, whoever Tiger is working with, he’s got Andy and Mike’s DVD, his book and he always calls them asking questions,” Wi said.

Wi said Plummer recently confronted Foley on how much Foley is using Stack-and-Tilt materials without crediting them.

Foley could not be reached for comment after Wi made his comments in the BMW Championship media tent Friday, but Foley addressed innuendo of the same ilk in a column by’s Robert Lusetich last week.

Lusetich said Foley credits Plummer and Bennett with “maybe 5 percent” of the inspiration for his swing ideas.

“Andy and Mike are very bright guys, but how much of what they teach is Mac O’Grady?” Foley said in the article. “And how much did they take from [Sam] Snead and [Ben] Hogan? And how much of it is taken from [Isaac] Newton?”

Lusetich wrote that Foley’s ideas are partly based on Foley's early fascination with Curtis Strange’s swing. He also pointed out that Foley’s pupils (Hunter Mahan, Sean O’Hair, Justin Rose and Stephen Ames) swing quite differently while Stack-and-Tilt players swing more alike.

“Mike and Andy aren’t reinventing the wheel,” Foley said. “Like me, they watched old school players hit it good and realized there was something to what they were doing, but they didn’t invent the 1950 golf move.”