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For Tiger the tables have turned

Golf Talk Central
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For weeks we've been debating Tiger's interest in the Ryder Cup, his importance to the American team, his presence and if his game is even fit for it.

But consider what the Ryder cup could mean for Tiger. Potentially the world. And ironically, right now it could be the thing he needs most.

Let’s face it, his game is on the lower end of the 12 team members and his personal life is clearly dead last in the team room. So he could use the help, and he could (if he wants) use his 11 teammates to pull him back up.

Who knows, maybe this is actually the time to team up with – instead of against – Phil in Ping Pong. Why not hang with Bubba and Rickie instead of Furyk and Stricks? He could truly open up, and it could mean closing the book on bad times.

For years we talked about how the Ryder Cup needed Tiger more than Tiger needed the Ryder Cup. Now, I think the tables have been turned. Woods hasn't won this year, and the Ryder Cup is a huge chance at victory ... and not just on the course.