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Golf is a silly game

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – At the start of the week I was looking at quotes from Pete Dye. Stuff like, “the ardent golfer would play Mt. Everest if you put a flag on top of it.”
And then there was this: “golf’s not a fair game, so why build a fair course?”
At the time I didn’t think much of it. I’m thinking about it now.
True, rules are rules. But rules can also be horribly unfair. And in any sport, good referees use discretion. The walking official in the last group failed to do it.  
The PGA of America did a poor job controlling crowds. And no matter how they spin this, it’s a black eye for the championship.   
Johnson and caddie Billy Brown claim they knew the rule. They just didn’t think they were in a bunker. When’s the last time you saw fans standing in a bunker?
Common sense says it’s not a bunker. But the rules sheet says it is.  
We get it. The casual fan who may have tuned in to see the big event probably does not. Silly game, they’ll say, and they’re right.
Cruel, too.
Brutally, brutally cruel.  
Dye is right. Golf’s not a fair game.