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Throughout the year, has been busy making improvements. Most of the work has been concentrated on behind-the-scenes technology, which has allowed us to deliver a faster, more reliable site.

The trend will continue. For example, later this week you will see revamped travel and equipment sections, which will be redesigned to better present our content.

You will also notice a change in our commenting system. We’re certainly aware that discussions within our article comments often are not productive, and occasionally devolve to personal attacks. This change is an attempt to clean that up and provide a better forum for quality, thought-provoking golf discussion.

Beginning Wednesday we’ll require a login with a Facebook account. Those who have abused the anonymity of our current comment structure will not be pleased that the new format will require commenters to use their real identities. Those who have provided quality conversation over the years should have no problem making a seamless switch.

As we transition to the new approach, we’ll temporarily suspend comments on the Golf Channel mobile app. We will reintroduce comments in a new release of the app in 2014.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we transition to a new community and a better