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Hacker breaks into Dalys computer personal accounts

In an exclusive interview with Golf Channel, John Daly revealed Friday that his computer has been hacked and that the culprit was behind bogus postings on his Twitter and Facebook accounts and threats to his children.

According to Daly the hacker gained access to his social networks as well as his e-mail account.

“(Daly’s girlfriend Anna Cladakis) got on Facebook and the guy was talking to her and says, ‘If you want this back you know what to do. I will get you and I will get your daughters. I’ll steal their identity.’” Daly said in an interview that will air Saturday on Golf Central at 1:20 a.m. (ET). “Other things that were said scared me to death.”

Daly said the FBI took Cladakis’ computer to check for evidence and that he informed his two daughters, 18-year-old Shynah and 15-year-old Sierra, to close their Facebook accounts.

Daly’s home page on Twitter remains (@PGA_JohnDaly), but it has been essentially deactivated with just 60 followers and not a single Tweet.