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Happy Gilmore and the Big Wiesy

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Remember the 1996 smash golf hit 'Happy Gilmore?'

The movie that won something like six Academy Awards ... or was that Emmy Awards? I get those confused. It was the story of the rejected hockey player (my hero, Adam Sandler) who took up golf to save his grandmother's house. Along the way he got physically beaten, and nearly neutered, by Bob Barker. And up until that point no one knew Barker had such a mean right hook.

Happy had all the physical tools to dominate the game but he continually struggled with his temper and his putting.

Late in the movie, during a critical match with nemesis Shooter McGavin –  in which Grandma's house is quite literally at stake – Happy has a catharsis. After pouring in a snake of putt he smiles at the camera and utters the best line in the history of cinema, 'Happy learned how to putt.' It was at that point that we all knew Grandma's house would be safe.

I think Michelle Wie had a similar 'cosmic moment' at some point during the Canadian Women's Open. She went on to win that event and is looking to repeat this week in northwest Arkansas. Her first nine holes on Saturday was an impressive 7-under-par 28. Few players on the LPGA have the firepower to put up numbers like that. I think it's fair to say that 'Wiesy learned how to putt.'

And nobody is gonna take her grandma's house away.