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Harrington getting a head start on Rory-mania

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BETHESDA, Md. – Brace yourself for Rory-mania.

Rory McIlroy hasn’t officially won his first major championship yet and Padraig Harrington’s already predicting McIlroy will make a run at breaking Jack Nicklaus’ record for major championship triumphs.

“You talk about having a chance to break Jack’s record, there’s your man,” Harrington said of McIlroy. “When you are winning majors at 22, with his talent, and you’ve got more than 20 years to play majors, a 100 majors to play, I would give him a great chance to catch Jack.”

When told what Harrington said after Saturday's round, McIlroy chuckled and briefly buried his head in embarrassment.

'Oh, Paddy, Paddy, Paddy,' McIlroy said. 'I still have to win my first one.

'It's nice to have all the complimentary things said about you, but until you do it, it doesn't mean anything.'