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He Said/She Said: Should Rory, Wozniacki split?

Rory McIlroy Caroline Wozniacki
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Rory McIlroy ascended to world No. 1 in March with his win at the Honda Classic. Since then, he’s fallen from the top because of a T-40 finish at the Masters and three PGA Tour missed cuts including last week’s U.S. Open at The Olympic Club. Many critics look to girlfriend and former world No. 1 women’s tennis player Caroline Wozniacki as reason for the 23-year-old’s recent slump. So in a head-to-head, male vs. female debate, the Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey ask: What’s love got to do with it anyway?


OK, once again, I will be the big buzz kill here: Rory and Wozzy need to go their separate ways. Look, I’m as excited about a sports power couple as anybody – especially one that crosses over two of my favorite sports – tennis and golf. But – cue the sound of a chainsaw – the odds of this relationship lasting are about the same as Andy Roddick winning another major (does Brooklyn Decker ring a bell?). Rory, do the golf world a favor and get back to focusing on golf. You have a lifelong legacy to worry about. So go out and win the British, Rory – then me and you can go to Vegas later in the year.


Rory McIlroy is only 23 years old … which means a couple of things.

Firstly, let the kid act like a kid. If he’s happy and in love and dating Caroline Wozniacki and that’s taking away from time he could be spending practicing, then so be it. He’s entitled to have a life away from the golf course and try as best he can to be a ‘normal’ 23-year-old.

Secondly, if Wozniacki is the source of his demise, then he’ll figure that out in due time. As we all know, some things in life you just have to learn the hard way … and whether or not he can date her and flourish on the golf course or whether he needs to dump her (sorry, Caroline) remains to be seen. But from all we can tell, McIlroy’s a bright kid with a good head on his shoulders and he’ll figure it out.

Of course, we also all know that the head and the heart often speak two different languages.