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Ishikawa fined for late WDs to two events

Ryo Ishikawa
Getty Images

Most weeks on the PGA Tour, players who have committed to an event pull out at the last minute. Could be an injury, a family issue or a change of heart.

Some withdrawals are more dubious than others, however. The Japan Golf Tour Organization has decided to not tolerate when players pull out with what it considers a bogus excuse. The tour fined star Ryo Ishikawa for pulling out of two events at the last minute.

Ishikawa was fined $26,000 for withdrawing from the Kansai Open and last week’s Toshin tournament. The teen withdrew from the latter event for the second consecutive year.

The tour levied the fine – its first related to this subject in three years – despite Ishikawa insisting he had an inflamed shoulder.

“Yes he’s a superstar but he is also one of 200 (JGTO) members and everyone plays under one set of rules,” tour executive director Andy Yamanaka told Reuters. “You should not change rules for one person.”