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Jack Nicklaus QA Revealing

DUBLIN, Ohio – One of the highlights of Memorial week, if not the season, is Jack Nicklaus’ media scrum on Wednesday. The fact his press Q&A preceded his afternoon skins match with Tiger Woods only added to this year’s allure.
  • On the course changes (which include raising the 18th green about 3-4 inches): “Couple of guys putted their putts off the 18th green, they weren’t good putts, incidentally.”
  • On Woods’ comeback from surgery: “He’s won once, finished in the top 10 every other time. That’s a terrible comeback,” he deadpanned. “He’s going to take a while to heal and he’s probably protecting that. He moves out of the way of the ball like he used to. That’s probably protective.”
  • Wednesday’s skins game pairing with Woods: “They had me paired in the other group and I said, uh ah. I want to play with Tiger. I’ll throw my 98 mph club speed at him.”
  • On Woods closing on Jack’s major championship record: “Even if he doesn’t play well, he’ll break my record. He is such a focused young man I suspect he will pass it in the next three years or so.”
  • On the speed of the greens during last year’s event, which was played under unseasonably dry conditions: “How many dry years do we have at Muirfield? Take a picture of this place and it has an umbrella over it.