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Kelly Stricker revel in Super Major

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly were the toast of Whistling Straits Tuesday as they prepared for the PGA Championship.

Wisconsin’s lone representatives in the championship were cheered heartily by a giant following in a practice round that rivaled the encouragement they’ve felt from galleries when their shots actually count. 

“These people are living up to what they’ve always done for us,” Kelly said.

What was the best part of the encouragement being shouted with every shot?

“Just how many times you heard, `There’s the Sunday pairing right there,’” Kelly said.

Kelly and Stricker both live in Madison. Kelly used to call the Greater Milwaukee Open his biggest major. Given that, he was asked if this would be a super major.

“You could probably call it that, absolutely,” Kelly said.

Kelly said he likes the pressure of a home game and all the fans who want his attention.

“I love being outside of my bubble, because I’m a little afraid of myself inside the bubble,” Kelly said. “When I’m outside of it, having fun with people, that’s when I’m playing my best.”