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Lawrie 'disappointed' by Seve Trophy no-shows

Paul Lawrie
Getty Images

Perusing the team rosters for next week’s Seve Trophy, it’s reasonable to wonder:

Where are all the stars?

No Rory. No Rosey. No G-Mac or Luke or Westy or Poults. No Sergio or Hennie Stennie. 

The lack of star power apparently was not lost on Team GB&I member Paul Lawrie, who said it was “extremely disappointing” that eight of the 12 players from last year’s European Ryder Cup team have declined to play.

Here’s Lawrie’s rant, according to published reports in Europe:

“The Seve Trophy, I don’t quite understand it, to be fair, and I think it’s extremely disappointing that a lot of the guys are not playing. I’m not slagging them off, or I’m not having a go at them, but I just think certainly with Seve’s name attached to it and the idea behind the tournament, it’s kind of the equivalent of the Presidents Cup for the American boys.

“So for many of our boys not to want to play for an event that not only carries Seve’s name, but you get handsomely paid to play in it, as well, I don’t understand it. …

“It’s Seve’s name. I mean, my God, most of us are out there playing because of what Seve did years ago. I would walk to Paris to play on the team next week, and I would have done whatever it would have taken to play on that team next week. … I personally would never turn down playing.”

Impassioned stuff, except Lawrie seemingly forgot that the aforementioned eight players were competing in the FedEx Cup playoffs, even if they all didn’t advance to the season finale. And they’re scheduled to tee it up in the European Tour’s four-event Final Series, which begins Oct. 24 in China. In other words, they’re keeping plenty busy, and their collective no-show is more a product of the event’s inconvenient spot on the schedule.