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Lewis' back still causing problems

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Stacy Lewis finished up her second round at the U.S. Women's Open Saturday morning with her back still causing problems.

“It was better than it felt last night, but it’s still sore,” Lewis said after signing for a disappointing 73. “I’ve got some time now to work on it and get it loosened up. Playing 30 holes and then sitting on a bus for an hour wasn’t good for my back.”

Lewis played 30 holes Friday before the weather horn blew, halting play. She filed onto a small school bus with 20 other players to wait out the 1-hour and 7-minute storm delay. Lewis, who suffers from scoliosis and had corrective back surgery at 18, said her back stiffened in the long wait on the bus. Two shots ahead through 30 holes, she made a bogey and double bogey after getting off the bus to lose her lead.

Lewis ended up playing her final five holes of the second round in 4 over par.

“I’m pretty disappointed the way I played the last five or six holes,” Lewis said. “But my caddie told me: `You are in it. We’ve still got two more rounds, and you’re still right there.’”

This U.S. Women’s Open is proving a physical and mental endurance test.

Lewis ended up playing 34 holes on Friday and then the two holes early Saturday morning. It took about 15 hours to complete her final nine holes, with a weather delay and a night’s sleep after a suspension of play in between.

She was asked to describe what the first two rounds have been like.

“Exhausting,” Lewis said. “I felt awful last night, and I didn’t feel too much better when I woke up. It’s hard enough to play this golf course for 18 holes, just to keep your focus. We were out on the course for 12 hours yesterday, so to keep your focus that long is tough.”