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Lincicome fishes for more success

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Brittany Lincicome says short game is hardly her strength.

It sure didn’t look like it in Sunday’s finish to the ShopRite LPGA Classic when Lincicome made like a magician extricating herself from the jungle-like rough along the 18th green to get up-and-down for the winning birdie.

“It’s really weird, because I know it’s one of the weakest parts of my game,” Lincicome, 25, said in a telephone interview after her fourth career LPGA victory. “Chipping is where I struggle the most. It is something I don’t work on that much.”

Thanks to her chipping skill, Lincicome’s $225,000 richer today. Lincicome says she is going to reward herself with a new fishing boat. She loves to fish with her pals around Tampa Bay, near her home.

“They want me to get a 24-foot Yellowfin,” Lincicome said. “I don’t know, it’s an expensive boat, but fishing’s what I really love.”

It’s funny. Chipping skills will fund Lincicome’s new boat purchase, but the new boat’s going to challenge the time she spends developing that “weak” part of her game.

“My friends say I should give myself more credit for my short game,” Lincicome said. “I know that chip (at ShopRite) will give me more confidence in my short game, knowing that I hit that shot.”

Oh, and if you were watching Sunday and saw Lincicome yawning in the 18th fairway while waiting to hit her last full shot, she said she was really nervous. She fended off nerves chattering away with her new caddie, former LPGA pro A.J. Eathorne. What did they talk about?

“Probably fishing,” Lincicome said.