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Man sues Top Golf Dallas after second-story fall

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A Texas man has sued Top Golf in Dallas after falling from the second level of their structure, according to a report from a local NBC affiliate.

As detailed in court documents filed in Dallas, Carlos Palomo Jr. was at Top Golf on Aug. 25 when he fell from the second level of the complex, a fall that was not softened by the safety net below. According to the report, Palomo sustained injuries that will end his career with the U.S. Air Force and will now 'live with pain and disabilities for the rest of his life.'

'Top Golf has a formula that is incredibly fun, but we think it's loaded with hidden dangers,' explained Palomo's attorney, Marc Lenahan. 'The safety nets give customers a false sense of security.'

Billing itself as 'the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout spot,' Top Golf boasts multiple levels of hitting bays from which players can hit balls to various targets. The company offers games and contests that test various facets of a player's game, including driving, chipping and accuracy.

Top Golf includes several locations throughout the U.S. and United Kingdom and serves food and drink to customers, including beer and various liquor beverages at the Dallas location. According to the report, the company declined comment on the lawsuit.