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Masters Fashion Alert Bubba Whites

Golf Talk Central
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Recalling my first Masters, I remember describing the feeling I had when I first walked onto the Bubba Watsoncourse as dizzying. Attempting to drink it all in one gulp, my eyes darted from the rich green shades of the immaculately manicured grass and rolling undulating greens to the iconic pink azaleas that intensify the backdrop for the buzzing patrons elated to have access to what I consider the entre to spring. I wanted to look everywhere at once.

But when my heart rate slowed, my vision steadied and I gained my footing, I became more familiar with the hallowed grounds on which I stood, and I was able to actually notice the players whose games I was there to observe. So with all the snap, crackle and pop stimuli that Augusta National delivers in every shade of the rainbow in early April, I’m a big fan of players keeping their look classic when it comes to teeing it up at the home of Bobby Jones.

Travis Matthew unveiled its Masters clothing script for Bubba Watson earlier this week and while they are a Cali-cool new generation brand, they have Bubba classically decked out head-to-toe in pearly whites with Masters green accents. And it’s not just for one day. It’s every day. They're keeping it simple and I love it. Spot on.