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Masters mission accomplished for Points

Golf Talk Central
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Brian Mogg has never thought of himself as clairvoyant but he may want to consider playing the lottery this morning after the central Florida-based swing coach persuaded a Golf Channel producer to take his man D.A. Points in last week’s fantasy golf pool.

In fact, Mogg was at Pebble Beach last week but never even met with Points. No need.

“I took video in Phoenix just because (the swing) looked so good for future reference,” Mogg said.

And that pairing with funnyman Bill Murray certainly helped Points at Pebble Beach as well. “He’d be the first to tell you he beats himself up too hard,” Mogg said Sunday night. “Once he holed out (at No. 14 for eagle) I knew he was good, Bill was going to keep him loose.”

But to dismiss Points’ breakthrough as a byproduct of Murray’s schtick is to ignore how much work he’s put into his game lately, specifically his recent offseason. Mogg said the two started preparing for 2011 in early December, “way earlier than normal,” and that he set very specific goals for this season.

“One of the things we talked about the whole offseason is getting off to a good start,” Mogg said. “I challenged him at the beginning of the year to play his way into Augusta – I guess he just did.”