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Monty-vision scoreboards greet fans Sunday

NEWPORT, Wales – Colin Montgomerie’s new scoreboard presentations are on display for spectators coming through the gates at Celtic Manor for today’s resumption of the suspended third session.

The European captain didn’t think the electronic scoreboards here sufficiently conveyed the impact of Europe’s lead Saturday in all six matches of the third session. The screens greeting fans today showed European blue flags left of the score of all six matches.

“We have just lost the view of the blue down the left-hand side of a scoreboard,” Montgomerie said Saturday night. “The scoreboards are different this particular year where every match comes up separately on the right-hand side of the scoreboard, as opposed to having the so-called old-fashioned scoreboard where the plastic numbers are put up. What I want to have out there are six blue [flags] on that left-hand side of that board shining very bright tomorrow morning, and to continue that way.”

That’s exactly how the scoreboards will look when the third session resumes.