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Moore projects brewing for entrepreneurial Ryan

Ryan Moore
Getty Images

In the brief PGA Tour off-season, Ryan Moore has made his foray into another side of the golf business.

Moore and a baker's dozen of partners formed RMG Golf Course Management LLC, aiming to revitalize golf in the South Sound region of his native Washington state. 

Since its formation, the company has been contracted to run two country clubs and taken ownership of another entirely, according to the Tacoma News-Tribune.

“We want this to be a product that appeals to everyone – and not just to people who are 45 and can afford a membership and go play golf any time they want,” Moore said. “We want people to have great facilities that they can go play at a reasonable rate.”

Membership packages go on sale Jan. 1, offering access to the three courses for a reasonable $179 per month or to a single course for $99 monthly. A member can also play only during twilight hours for $49 per month.

The venture is an extension of Moore's entrepreneurial spirit. He currently has a stake in apparel maker TRUE Linkswear and briefly held equity in clubmaker Scratch Golf in 2009.