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Nationwide Tour president wants anchored putters banned

Nationwide Tour
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Nationwide Tour president Bill Calfee does not believe belly and long putters should be legal.

In a chat on the tour’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Calfee responded to a question on the legality of the putters by saying, “I don't use them. I don't like them. I think they should be outlawed.”

He later added, “I'm a traditionalist and you can't anchor any other club to your body, why should you be able to anchor a putter?”

Calfee approaches the hot topic as a player, having competed on the PGA Tour in 168 events. He was quick, however, to separate his personal view from any professional endorsement of a ban.

“Not joining any chorus here, Ryan, just stating my personal opinion,” Calfee said in a tweet from the Nationwide Tour’s official account.

On Tuesday, Tiger Woods suggested an approach to ban belly and long putters. Having spoken with R&A chief executive Peter Dawson, Woods suggested that a putter should be the shortest club in the bag.