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Baby alert: Oosthuizen waiting for phone call

Louis Oosthuizen
Getty Images

Louis Oosthuizen is at the Africa Open this week and wondering if he will get the call saying he is a father for the second time. His wife is close to delivering the couple's second child, as Oosthuizen defends his title at East London Golf Club.

'It is always fun defending a title, so I'm just hoping that the week runs smoothly and that I don't get a phone call from Nel-Marie (his wife) or the doctor telling me to come home,' Oosthuizen said, according to PA Sport.

But Oosthuizen is not worried about the impact the pending birth might have on the defense of his title.

'But funnily enough, sometimes it's good to have your thoughts elsewhere and not solely on the golf,” he said. “Of course, I'll be focused on what I have to do on the course, but in the back of my mind, I'll always be mentally checking on what's going on at home.'

A new baby might be just what the South African’s golf game needs. The couple's first child, Jana, was born in Dec. '09. Seven months later, Oosthuizen won the Open Championship at St. Andrews.