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Oosthuizens caddie given reprieve

After seven years and plenty of international success Louis Oosthuizen and caddie Zack Rasego arrived at St. Andrews last week at crossroads following the South African’s erratic play heading into the Open Championship.

Oosthuizen had missed his last three cuts and according to the Daily Mail planned to try a new caddie following the Open Championship, but his resounding seven-stroke victory nixed those plans.

“It was a possibility but it is not going to happen now,” said Oosthuizen’s manager Chubby Chandler. “There was a feeling Louis needed a more experienced caddie. Now Zack has proved his worth. It would not look too clever to sack your caddie after you have just won a major.”

It all reminds “Shag Bag” of a caddie yard truth: there are two kinds of loopers, those who have just been fired and those who are about to be.