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Open mic golf

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SANDWICH, England – It’s an Open Championship fixture, like three-club winds and bad bounces. The dulcet tones of Open Golf radio can be heard across every corner of Royal St. George’s, but unlike American radio the United Kingdom version is much more conversational.

In fact, the day-long coverage is often filled with no shortage of good one-liners. Among this week’s highlights:

“If Bubba (Watson) orders a hamburger does he also order French fries or just fries?”

“We have someone shouting, ‘Get in the hole.’ Shoot him.”

“The fourth hole is a par 4 only in name.”

“Every par (Darren) Clarke makes today will be like stabbing someone.”

“(Watson) could reach France with two good drives . . . that’s if he wanted to ever go back to France.”

“It’s double ugly (the practice swing of Miguel A. Jimenez), but it’s one of the greatest sights in European golf.”

“A lot of shots have been hit quail high (Saturday).”

“(Clarke) is putting like someone who can’t see what he’s doing.”