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PGA Tour, rules officials reach five-year agreement

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ARDMORE, Pa. – The PGA Tour and the union representing the circuit’s rules officials have reached a new five-year collective bargaining agreement following months of negotiations.

According to Christian Dennie, the attorney with the firm Barlow, Garsek & Simon who represents the union’s 26 rules officials, the agreement was signed Friday morning. The officials had been working without a deal since December when the old four-year agreement expired.

“There was a lot to deal with and a lot going on but everyone is excited to move forward,” Dennie said.

Ty Votaw, the Tour’s executive vice president of international affairs and communications, confirmed the new agreement.

“We have always had a great working relationship with our officials,” Votaw said.

Neither Dennie nor Votaw would offer any further details of the agreement.

“It’s a challenging negotiation between both sides. The officials wanted certain things and the Tour wanted others. It’s hard to come to agreements like that,” Dennie said. “Everybody is happy and let’s move on and believe that there has been success there. Both sides compromised on certain things.”