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Presidents Cup 'must-win' for Internationals?

Nick Price
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Tiger Woods shot 13-under 275 for a four-stroke win over Michael Campbell.  - 

The United States holds a 7-1-1 advantage over the International team in the Presidents Cup. Is this week's event a must-win situation for the Internationals, in order to keep the competition entertaining and relevant? senior writers Randall Mell and Jason Sobel offer differing takes.

Yes  No 

Consider this a care package for the Internationals, a gift-wrapped box of insults sincerely aimed to aid and assist the Internationals in making these matches matter. I’d like to say these matches are careening in perilously quick fashion toward irrelevance, but I’m not sure just how relevant they’ve ever really been. Click here to read more ...

Despite what some, including Adam Scott might say, a competition doesn’t gain or lose credibility based solely on its winner. ... To claim that this year’s Presidents Cup – not the one played two years ago nor the one that will be played two years from now – will serve as the event's tipping point when it comes to credibility is awfully nearsighted. Click here to read more ...