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Report: Daly the second least trustworthy athlete

John Daly
Getty Images

Infamous dopers, dogfighters, cheaters and oddballs – apparently, they’re just as untrustworthy as John Daly

A recent report detailed how disgraced MLB slugger Ryan Braun, serving a 65-game suspension for his role in a doping scandal, is now one of the least trustworthy athletes in the world. 

That information reportedly came from Repucom’s Celebrity DBI database, which consists of 2,988 celebrities.

But Braun isn’t No. 1 on that list of soured reputations, not yet anyway. That dubious honor goes to a fellow doper, former track star Marion Jones.

Who is No. 2? None other than Long John Daly, whose turbulent life (alcohol, messy marriages, gambling, bizarre on-course behavior) has apparently become a tired act for sports fans.

J.D. is behind Jones but still ahead of a host of other questionable characters: Manny Ramirez, Lance Armstrong, Michael Vick, Metta World Peace, Pete Rose and Dennis Rodman, according to Repucom’s numbers in the ESPN report.