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Set-up changes to Merion for third round

Merion Golf Club
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ARDMORE, Pa. – Although the USGA was still in the process of setting Merion up for Round 3 early Saturday, Golf Channel took a tour of the grounds early to see what players would face on Day 3.

Some of the notable set-up moves for Round 3 came at the par-4 14th hole, which played 453 yards in Round 2 but has been stretched to around 464 yards for Saturday’s play using a back tee, which has been cut out of what is normally the member’s putting green.

Conversely, the USGA shortened the par-3 13th hole, from 123 yards to 98 yards setting the tee in the extreme front of the teeing ground and cutting the pin two paces onto the putting surface and three paces from the left edge.

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Tees have also been set all the way back at Nos. 11, 12, 16 and 18, which will be played from the “Matt Schaffer” tee (about 521 yards), named after Merion’s superintendent who cut the spit of teeing ground on the far side of a cart path. The 18th has ranked as the hardest hole this week, playing to a 4.704 scoring average with three times as many double bogeys (38) as birdies. (11).

Officials also moved up a tee box at No. 10 so the par 4 will play at 280 yards to tempt players to try and drive the green.