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Shin Davies making winning music overseas

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The LPGA might have been silent with no event last weekend, but its members were making Hall of Fame news in other parts of the world.

Jiyai Shin won the KLPGA Championship Sunday in her native South Korea, which was even bigger news than normal because it qualified her for the KLPGA Hall of Fame. Shin’s just 22, but she’s claimed 21 KLPGA titles. She’s the youngest player ever to qualify for that tour’s Hall of Fame and will be eligible for induction in 2015.

Laura Davies won the Spanish Women’s Open, her fourth Ladies European Tour title this year. It’s sort of Hall of Fame news in that it reinforces the idea that she’s the best player in the world who isn’t in the LPGA Hall of Fame. Davies also won in New Zealand, Austria and Germany this year.

Davies has 76 titles worldwide in her career. It’s got to be frustrating to Davies that she’s winning everywhere but in LPGA events, lately. She’s won 20 LPGA titles but remains two victories – or one major championship – short of qualifying for the LPGA Hall of Fame. She’s been two points short of qualifying for almost 10 years now.

Someday, Davies should have her big Hall of Fame party whether she gets to the required 27 HOF points or not. She should be a lock to get in via the veterans category if she doesn’t play her way in, but there might be a long wait. She can’t gain entry that way until five years after she’s no longer an active player and she fully intends to play well into her 50s.