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Sorenstam 'delighted for Dottie' in her Solheim role

Dottie Pepper
Getty Images

Count Annika Sorenstam among the group glad to see Dottie Pepper named as an assistant captain for the 2013 U.S. Solheim Cup team.

“I was delighted for Dottie,” Sorenstam said Thursday on “Morning Drive.” “She is such a large part of the Solheim Cup and she brings a lot of intensity.”

Sorenstam wasn’t always a fan of Pepper’s exuberance. During the 1998 matches, Sorenstam brought a blow-up, clown punching bag into the European team room and taped a picture of Pepper’s face on it.

Pepper’s fiery attitude led to her being cast aside in Solheim circles for five years, after making her infamous “choking, freaking dogs” comment in 2007. Despite past grievances – personal and otherwise – Sorenstam expressed pleasure in Pepper’s new role.

“I had a chance to speak to her,” Sorenstam said. “You could see the tears and how much it meant to her. I am so, so pleased for her.”