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On Sunday its all about location location location

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AUGUSTA, Ga. – It’s part of the lore, like green jackets and azaleas. Sunday’s hole locations at Augusta National are like major championship clock work, historic land marks golf zealots can recite from memory.

We spotted Joe LaCava, Fred Couples’ caddie, in the players’ parking lot and he confirmed what 74 years of history have conditioned us to anticipate, “All the same Sunday spots,” he said. “A couple are one or two (paces) different, but pretty much the same.”

They may be “traditional,” but that didn’t stop one looper from shaking his head, “(No.) 4, that’s a joke,” he said of the pin that’s cut five paces from the back-left edge, “There’s no flat spot up there.”

That explanation helps explain a scoring average that was nearly a half stroke (3.438) over par during last year’s final round.