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The anti-Ben Hogan is English

Ben Hogan’s spirit would have spun a few times listening to Laura Davies.

If you like Davies' frank charm, you’ll love her explanation of her aversion to practice.

Here’s a snippet from the transcript of her Ricoh Women’s British Open news conference today:

Q. I was going to ask you how your preparation has changed in all these years out here? What do you do differently?

 DAVIES: Nothing, just the same, an hour before tee time and no practise rounds because they're so boring and slow, and play the Pro Am every week, have fun with your amateurs. That's my buildup to any golf tournament. Whether it's the Thailand Open or the U.S. Open, it's always the same.

Q. How long ago did you dispense with the practise round?

DAVIES: Well, this is my 26th year, so 25 and a half years ago.
Watching people chip and putt from every angle on a green for four or five or six hours in a day is not my idea of fun. Never has been, never will be.

Q. You obviously have done it at some point. There must have been a practice round that suddenly flipped you over the edge and you thought, I'll never do this again.

DAVIES: It's so long ago, I really don't remember. I just know that people chip from 30 spots around one green. I don't understand it.

Q. Would you ban them or what would you do about it?

DAVIES: Yeah, if you want to go and have a practice round, play a round of golf with your mates, have a little bet, and walk off of every green when you've holed out on the green. There's no need to keep on the practice.