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The cost of success

THOUSAND OAKS, Calf. – Paul Casey’s hole in one at Sherwood Country Club’s 12th hole on Friday may not have been the best of his career – to be fair, his walk-off ace at the 2006 Ryder Cup will forever be hard to beat – but it may be the most expensive.

When Casey walked off the course on Friday Chevron World Challenge tournament director Greg McLaughlin had already created a keepsake for the accomplishment.

Paul Casey“Congratulations,” McLaughlin smiled as he handed Casey a faux bar bill to the tune of $13,407.

“It should be more in beverage and less in food,” Casey joked. “There are enough Europeans here. What’s scary is he hasn’t put the tip on. What’s the tip on $13,000?”

Short answer? More than “Shag Bag” can cover.