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Unlucky 13: Daly cards a baker's dozen at John Deere

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For a while there on Friday afternoon, John Daly’s score on the fourth hole at TPC Deere Run sounded like something from an auction.

”Do I hear 11? Anyone, 11? Yes, 11! How about 13? In for 13! What about 18? Anybody for 18? Going once, going twice, sold to the man in the loud pants for 13!”

For those following Daly’s scorecard, it was a roller-coaster ride that didn’t conclude until he emerged from the scoring trailer after his second round at the John Deere Classic.

Here’s the story: Daly pushed his tee shot way right on the par-4 hole, into what the “Shot Tracker” scoring program calls the “native area.” After seven shots, which were all recorded as traveling a negative distance, his ninth stroke was a penalty. From there, he hit into the greenside bunker, pitched out and two-putted for a 9-over-par 13.

Sounds easy enough, right? Not exactly.

As Daly walked off the green, he reportedly told playing partner Todd Hamilton in a joking manner, “Put me down for an 18.” Apparently that was taken to heart and for a short period of time his second career 18 was posted on the scorecard.

An official later caught up to Daly, who claimed it was actually an 11, before a rehashing of events in the scoring trailer accounted for two more strokes.

'I heeled it really bad way right, and I really was hoping they wouldn't find it so I'd have to go back to the tee because I got stuck on my first approach when they did find it I'm going how can I get it left so I can take an unplayable because where it was there I would have to go all the way to the maintenance shed which would probably be out of bounds,' Daly said of the hole after the round.

'So I hit it a couple times and then took an unplayable, couldn't get it out, hit it again, took an unplayable, couldn't get it out. Then I got it far enough left that I could drop, you know, and then get in the bunker and two-putted for a 13.'

For the round, Daly posted a 10-over 81, meaning he played the other 17 holes in just 1 over.

The 1995 Open Championship winner will be in the field for the year’s third major next week at Royal St. George’s.