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They said it: Best quotes from Day 3 at Merion

U.S. Open
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ARDMORE, Pa. – Quote board from Day 3 of the 113th U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club:

NBC Sports analyst Johnny Miller, on why players are struggling at Merion: “It is a precision golf course. I don’t believe the players today are precision players as a whole. They are more power and take advantage of the par 5s. They are great players, obviously, but somehow when they get on precise courses with a lot of rough, they say, 'What is this?'”

More Miller, on Justin Rose: “He is the kind of player that looks like he should win a U.S. Open. Such a good player, doesn’t hit many bad shots, if he can handle the nerves and the stomach of it all. To win a U.S. Open you’ve got to go through a lot of nerves.”

Former USGA executive director David B. Fay, on Merion: “There was a headline this morning: ‘After two rounds the winner is Merion.’ I think it has held up well. You have a historic masterpiece here and it is proving it is up to the challenge of taking everything contemporary golf can dish out.”

More Fay, on modern equipment and Merion: “Every event is a referendum on distance. But if people are looking at this Open as a reason to do something dramatic as far as distance, they are going to have to look someplace else.”

Bubba Watson, on what to expect Sunday: “Everybody is going to try for that trophy, so it’s going to get tougher. It makes the nerves pop up more. When you’re playing like me, you’re not in the pack, so you don’t really care.”

Amateur Michael Kim, on his ongoing Tiger Woods bet with his college coach: “Tiger’s been an idol of mine since I basically started golf, and if I do finish in front of him, great. If I finish behind him, that’s fine. Hopefully Tiger can win the British or something, because I don’t really want to hear what coach has to say after.”