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Aces wild: 90 minutes, one hole, three holes-in-one

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For an hour and a half in Bonita Springs, Fla., Spanish Wells Golf and Country Club was the hole-in-one capital of the world, with three golfers acing the same hole.

On Nov. 27 - mixed couples day - Ed Delson and Theo Neteler aced the East No. 4 hole from 128 yards about five groups apart. Later, Ingrid Clauson did the same from 102 yards.

“It must be a world record,” Neteler, 66, told the Fort Myers News-Press. “I didn’t even win closest to the pin.”

The club submitted the feat to Guinness World Records.

East No. 4 is one of the more difficult par 3s at Spanish Wells, director of golf Chris Selvaggio said.

“The pin was up front and the green slopes back to front, but it’s all over water,” Selvaggio said. “They hit some good shots.'