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Tiger still playing dodgeball with media

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As a member of the media for 25 years – golf specific for the last 16 – I've been to, and seen my fair share of press conferences and listened to my fair share of questions.

The collection offered to Tiger Woods on Tuesday was dreadful, and so were the answers. When the best quote from Woods is 'me, too,' which was zinged at us after being reminded that Rory McIlroy wanted a piece of Tiger this week, we've got a problem.

This year, on the course, his game has been out of control. But in the media room, he's never out of control. Try as you might, he won't bite. Want to make him look bad? Good luck. He did that to himself. He's certainly not going to let the media add to it. Bottom line, Tiger plays the media game of dodgeball better than anyone.

So what's the point? The questions don't get the comments, and the comments don't give us any insight.

This game of 'Tiger and Mice' has gotten old, and it's not entertaining to watch. So here's my final question: Who's worse in this? The people asking the questions or the guy who's not answering them?