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Tiger Tracker: Day 1 vs. Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano

Tiger Woods and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano
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MARANA, Ariz. – Tiger Woods, the fifth seed in the Sam Snead bracket, defeated No. 12 Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano in the opening-round of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, 1 up. senior writer Randall Mell is at Dove Mountain and tracked their Day 1 match. (Rex's running blog | Match recapsScoring)

No. 18 (par 4, 480 yards): Woods was finally able to smile at the 18th green. With a terrific up and down from a greenside bunker, with an 8-foot par save, he halved the hole to win the match, 1 up. 'Neither one of us played our best,' Woods said. Frernandez-Castano left saying he felt like he let a golden chance get away. (Score: Woods wins, 1 up)

No. 17 (par 4, 482 yards): Tiger Woods' body language was not quite the equivalent of a four-letter word after he missed a 10-foot birdie chance to close out the match at the 17th, but it's close. Still, he leads with one to play. (Score: Woods 1 up through 17)

No. 16 (par 3, 247 yards): Gonzo is feeling no love. After a short missed putt for par at the 16th, the spectators let out some whoops and yelps. You can't say they were simply cheering a Woods' win. Woods had yet to hole out his par. Woods did, though, taking a 1-up lead. (Score: Woods 1 up through 16)

No. 15 (par 4, 343 yards): The spectators around the 15th hole were not nice at all. When Gonzo missed his short birdie chance to halve the hole, folks cheered heartily. The match is all square after a brilliant birdie from Woods. He drove the 343-yard green and just missed a 20-foot eagle chance. Gonzo is working against the will of the crowd. (Score: AS through 15)

No. 14 (par 4, 449 yards): Woods misses the green deep at the 14th, but he nearly holes out a delicate chip. Gonzo misses a 15-foot birdie chance to go 2 up. (Score: GFC 1 up through 14)

No. 13 (par 5, 583 yards): Woods misses a 10-foot birdie chance at 13, and he remains 1 down. Woods hasn't adopted Gonzo's claw grip. Not yet anyway. Actually, Gonzo had an 8-foot chance to win the hole but couldn't claw it in. (Score: GFC 1 up through 13)

No. 12 (par 3, 219 yards): After a double-bogey and a bogey to lose back-to-back holes, Woods gets a tourniquet on it at the 12th. He stops the bleeding with a 6-foot part save to halve the hole and stay 1 down. (Score: GFC 1 up through 12)

No. 11 (par 5, 659 yards): Woods offers Gonzo a gift at the 11th. With a scrambling par out of the desert, Gonzo goes 1 up in what is becoming a very sloppy match. Woods got in trouble with a questionable second shot left in the desert. A combination of poor choices and poor swings is hurting Woods. (Score: GFC 1 up through 11)

No. 10 (par 4, 493 yards): Holy Bush Whacker! Woods loses the 10th hole making a dreadful double-bogey through desert trouble. Gonzo goes all square winning the hole with a bogey. Woods was lucky to get out of the desrt without a snake bite or cactus needles stuck in his rump. Woods pulled his drive left into desert, and with a terrible lie, with a bush in his back, he hacked under another bush. From there, he whacked a shot through the bush but short in a waste area. Need we go on? (Score: AS through 10)

No. 9 (par 4, 476 yards): Woods let Gonzo off the hook at the ninth. Instead of 2 up, Woods makes the turn 1 up. Despite a wild pulled left approach, and a skulled chip over the green, Gonzo halved the hole. He did so after Woods striped his drive, then hit the green in regulation. Woods, though, three-putted from about 83 feet. Woods missed about a 4-footer to win the hole. (Score: Woods 1 up through 9)

No. 8 (par 5, 576 yards): Woods is walking differently now. He is feeling 'it' as he takes a 1-up lead at the eighth. After striping a driver and carving a gorgeous 3-wood right at the pin at this par 5, barely over the green, he gets up and down for birdie and wins the hole. (Score: Woods 1 up through 8)

No. 7 (par 4, 486 yards): We are all square. Tiger got his first birdie of the match in a big way, awakening his slumbering putter with a 50-foot bomb to win the seventh hole. After that shaky start, Woods is finding some rhythm. (Score: AS through 7)

No. 6 (par 3, 185 yards): At the sixth, Woods misses 12-foot birdie chance, but he still halves the hole. You can see Woods beginning to feel it now, feel his swing. (Score: GFC 1 up through 6)

No. 5 (par 4, 536 yards): Tiger Woods got his ball in the hole first, finally, at No. 5. Though he missed a 10-foot birdie chance, Woods wins the hole when Gonzo cannot get up and down for par. Gonzo was first in the hole at the first four holes. (Score: GFC 1 up through 5)

No. 4 (par 4, 393 yards): Gonzo is making a habit of getting his ball in the hole first, doing it again by holing nice 6-foot par save at the fourth. That makes Tiger's 3-footer more testy, but Tiger matches. Gonzo has been first in the cup at all four holes. (Score: GFC 2 up through 4)

No. 2 (par 5, 574 yards)/ No. 3 (par 3, 208 yards): Tiger Woods falls 2 down after two holes. He matches pars at the third. A pushed drive into the desert at the second leads to Woods losing the hole despite nice left-handed escape from desert shrub. Woods' biggest mistake so far is allowing Gonzo to build confidence. (Score: GFC 2 up through 3)

No. 1 (par 4, 460 yards): Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano immediately puts pressure on Tiger's putter, making 12-foot birdie at the first. Tiger can't answer with birdie chance from 8 feet. Fernandez-Castano goes 1 up. Notably, Gonzo switched to a claw grip last year to right some putting woes. He won the Barclays Singapore Open with it. (Score: GFC 1 up through 1)

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