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Tigers Ryder Cup arrival big news in Wales

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Great Britain’s news web sites are alive with reports of the American Ryder Cup team plane touching down at 6 a.m. Eastern time today in Cardiff in Wales.

“Welcome to Montgomerieshire” was a headline in the Daily Mail’s online site with the story noting that those welcoming words are plastered on a billboard outside the airport. It's, of course, a reference to European captain Colin Montgomerie's presence in these matches.

The arrival of Tiger Woods, as expected, is a major focus overseas. In the news conference at the airport, Montgomerie was asked about a report in the Independent newspaper claiming that Montgomerie would have had issues selecting Woods. “I wouldn’t have picked Tiger in my team,” was the headline over that newspaper’s online story with the writer saying Montgomerie made his remarks on Sunday. Montgomerie was asked if there was a danger the quote would stoke American motivation.

“I don't know where that came from,” Montgomerie said in the transcript released to media. “I never spoke to any press yesterday, and I don't know where that came from. I've always said that Tiger, the best player in the world, and in my opinion, the best player who has ever played the game, of course, he would be on my team. I said that at the U.S. PGA.”

Montgomerie told reporters at the PGA Championship last month that he wanted Woods to play.

The Telegraph took a more saucy angle focused on Woods in its online story. The headline over a team photo of players posing with their wives and girlfriends on the steps coming off the team plane reads: “Tiger Woods arrives, without a WAG.” WAG is a British acronym for “wives and girlfriends.” The subhead on the story goes on to say: “Tiger Woods had his first taste of the awkward social situations he will face at the Ryder Cup when the American team arrived.”

The overseas reports go on to detail how both Ryder Cup captains have imposed Twitter and Facebook bans for their players during the competition.

“The team has come to a consensus not to do that,” American captain Corey Pavin said. “It can be a little bit distracting sometimes, but I think it's important to focus on The Ryder Cup and playing the matches and just enjoying camaraderie with the team itself. So we have decided as a whole to not tweet this week. “

Montgomerie said: “ In the same boat, not being a tweeter myself, we feel that tweeting and Facebook and all of these social sites that can get one's self into trouble . . . At the same time, I think it's important, the same as Corey, that we focus on the job at hand this week and we are here to try and regain this lovely trophy that Corey has brought back for us.”