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Toms' longtime caddie switching to Peterson

John Peterson
Getty Images

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – One of professional golf’s longest running player-caddie combinations has come to an end.

Scott Gneiser, David Toms’ caddie for the better part of 15 years, told his boss he plans to work for soon-to-be-Tour rookie John Peterson next season.

“It was a tough decision but one I knew I had to make,” Gneiser said. “I knew I could help this guy out, young guy, he’s going to play a little more than David. It’s like a new life for me. It was tough because David still has game, he showed that last year.”

Gneiser began working for Peterson during the four-event Tour Finals series and said he immediately realized what kind of talent the 24-year-old had. That combined with Toms’ age – he will be 47 in January – convinced Gneiser to make the switch.

“David completely understood. I knew it was kind of a shock to him,” he said.

Peterson grew up across the street from Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas, and would come over and watch Toms every year during the annual Tour stop. He even modeled his career after Toms, including playing golf for LSU.

“It was tough for John to even ask (for Gneiser to work for him),” Gneiser said. “His mom even said, ‘You’re really going to do that? You’re really going to take David’s caddie away?’”