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Two Gloves is too good a story

Golf Talk Central
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Mark Wilson has two wins and is now known as a late-blooming star. Tommy Gainey has two gloves and is still known for just those two gloves.

Maybe it was too many thoughts of winning that led to two balls in the same hazard, which was ultimately too bad for him, too costly in the wallet and too tough for fans to swallow. That is, if you too, were hoping for the next Boo Weekley come lately.

In sports there’s nothing better than the underdog or the folk hero. Gainey qualifies as one of those, for sure, and would qualify as the other too if 'Two Gloves' had decided not to be too aggressive.

Unlike Wilson, Tommy might not get two wins in a career, let alone in a month. But count me as one guy who really hopes he gets one, and it can’t come too soon.