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USGA: Fate of anchored putters may lie in stats

United States Golf Association
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U.S. Golf Association president Glen Nager said Wednesday on “Morning Drive” the organization will use statistical data to determine the legality of anchored putters.

“We're gathering data on whether or not there is a statistical advantage from using that kind of stroke. We need to get data about how the proposed rule change would affect players at all levels of the game,” Nager said.

The New Jersey-based organization has been listening to the thoughts of top pros, as the public chorus to ban the putters has grown louder.

“Tiger (Woods) had his creative proposal about having a putter being the shortest club in the bag, while Ernie Els has said simply you shouldn't be able to put the butt of the club against your body while you're making a stroke,” Nager explained.

“The USGA is and will be open-minded in soliciting input from all golfers, professional and amateur alike, as to if there should be a rule change regarding anchored putting and, if there is a rule change, what it should be.'

On Tuesday at Riviera, Els concluded comments on a proposed rule change with, “Ban it. It’s fine.”