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Westwood: Golfers 'paid too much money'

Lee Westwood
Getty Images

With his finish at the Dubai World Championship two weeks ago, world No. 2 Lee Westwood overtook Ernie Els as the leader on the European Tour's career money list. 

The Englishman, who surpassed £25 million in career earnings, said he believes golfers are paid too much compared to other contributors to society. 

'We play for a staggering amount of money, no doubt about it and I've always stressed we are very, very fortunate. I think we are paid too much money – compared to police and teachers and nurses,' Westwood said, according to the U.K.-based Independent

He added, however, that golfers earn their keep more than in other sports.

'But then compare it to footballers. I think the only thing you can probably justify it by is that when golfers have a bad day, we don't get paid anything, but when we have a great day we get paid a lot. It's part of the pressure involved. There isn't a wage as such,” he said.