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Whistling Straits A good walk spoiled

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Whistling Straits is getting good reviews from players at the PGA Championship, but there are complaints.

For fans, Phil Mickelson thinks it’s a good walk spoiled.

For players and fans alike, it feels like it’s built along a mosquito farm this summer.

“The only thing, it has nothing to do with the course, I would like to see the walkways for the spectators be easier,” Mickelson said. “Because I think it’s the most difficult course to walk.
You got great hills and mounds, but there are a lot of little holes that prevent people from seeing and it could probably have better viewing, seeing that we’re going to have more championships here.'

Mickelson likes the risk-reward nature of the design, but Paul Casey thinks the risk is partly tied to mosquitoes.

“It’s such a beautiful place, it’s a shame you’re out there like this,” Casey said while pretending to swat away an army of mosquitos.