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Would a Spieth win be too much too soon?

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Sounds like a looney question, but if 17-year-old Jordan Spieth wins the HP Byron Nelson Championship today, is it a good thing?

Could there be too steep a downside to the giant accomplishment?

After winning the Kraft Nabisco Championship this year, Stacy Lewis said winning the U.S. Women’s Open three years earlier wouldn’t have been good for her. She said she wouldn’t have been prepared for all that would have come with it. Would the same apply to Spieth?

The question raised by Seak05 on my Twitter account yesterday opened an interesting thread. Some highlights:

@Seak05 – Winning could be huge story, but it might also be the worse thing for him. Too much hype/pressure.

@Ron_Lewis – It will all depend on the support he has around him. If he doesn't have a strong support system it could be disastrous.

@ Swinkey_Todd – It wasn't the worst thing for a young Italian...pretty sure Speith won't let other people's demons interfere.

@GeoPBurdell – I can see the point, but winning is seldom a bad thing. Ams who have won on PGA Tour have gone on to solid careers.

@JLS31 – Not at all. He is smart and grounded. Would still go to college and complete his youth. Not hurting for money.

@Seak05 – He's an all-American boy. In Tiger Woods void, press would swarm/hype him, but he's not consistent yet and then we'd wonder what was wrong.